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Corporate Caterers

If you are looking to hire a corporate catering service for your meeting or corporate event, we can meet those needs! Our staff will sit down and approve a menu with you to set up buffet style, or you may also have your choice of waiting staff.

Wedding Caterers

Hiring your venue and wedding caterer are probably the two most difficult things that you must prepare for. To effectively plan your special day, begin by doing what's called "brain pour". Begin by simply writing down EVERTHING that comes to your mind about what you want and hope for on your wedding day. Don't worry about the order in which you write down your thoughts. From that list, you will then begin categorizing your To Do's and time lines, which will help you stay focused and organized.

Event Hall Caterers

If you are looking to hire a caterer for the Manhattan Casino, perfect! We can add that service into your event rental package to make it easier.

Off Premise Caterers

If you are looking to hire a off premise or drop off caterer, we would be delighted! Just give us at least 1 weeks notice and a small deposit, and we will have your personalized catered menu delivered on the date and time agreed upon.


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