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Our Latest News

Children's Art Display

Children's Art Display

We are so excited to be showcasing Art from our children across the Bay Area!

Here is where we will post all participating Art Studios/Students.

Contact us to find out how we can showcase your studio and artists!

Practically Pikasso - Lynn Webb

BIG Thank you to Ms. Lynn Webb at Practically Pikasso St Petersburg for helping to mold these children into the artists they are! Did you know you could purchase these Art pieces? That's right!

100% of the proceeds go to Practically Pikasso St Petersburg and the Artist! (Prices listed below)

Artist - Mya Robinson, Age 12
Art Piece - Case $45
Artist - Ariana Steger, Age 8
Art Piece - Teapot/Teacup $45
Artist - Allie Young, Age 11
Art Piece - Snowman Mosaic $25

Vincent Jackson and the students at Practically Pikasso