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Event Safety Access Training

Event Safety Access Training

Safety skills credentials such as the United Kingdom’s “Safety Passport” are rapidly becoming a requirement for event workers around the globe.


Safety skills credentials such as the United Kingdom’s “Safety Passport” are rapidly becoming a requirement for event workers around the globe. In some countries, workers may be restricted from performing their duties without such a credential, and event leaders are being held accountable for demonstrating compliance with safety-related training for all those in their duty of care. While there is currently no equivalent regulation in the United States, it is becoming increasingly clear that the insurance industry and governments alike support such a program to aid in verifying the professionalism of individuals and organizations.
Because Event Safety Alliance is committed to enhancing safety competencies for live event professionals, we have created Event Safety Access Training (ESAT). ESAT is an online entry-level safety awareness training program and competency credential created specifically for those working in an event environment. By providing standardized core safety training, helps improve the way our industry does business and demonstrates an individual’s or employer’s commitment to safe work practices.


Event Safety Access Training is rooted in three fundamental principles:
  • Every event professional should have verifiable safety training. Insurers and local authorities agree that safety training is a must. ESAT is divided into eight chapters that address health and safety concepts, roles and responsibilities on the job site, OSHA regulations, PPE, typical event-related hazards and controls, and issues related to crowds and severe weather.
  • Training must be relevant to those who will receive it, vetted by subject matter experts, and delivered in a clear and engaging style. ESAT was designed in partnership with the training experts at DC3 Education, a learning company designed by Full Sail University that offers engaging, high-quality courses in media, entertainment, and technology education. ESAT’s text and video content was created and edited by ESA’s global experts in the many fields that must coordinate to safely create live events.
  • Training must take place when and where staff can receive it. ESAT is an interactive online training program that can be completed as the student’s schedule allows (up to 30 days). Necessary take-aways are reinforced with quizzes, and there is a comprehensive exam after the last chapter to ensure that the worker understands what they have been taught.ESAT is a convenient online alternative to in-person safety training that covers material that you and those in your legal duty of care need to know.
Event Safety Access Training is designed to:
  • Heighten individual awareness that safety is a priority and collaborative endeavor;
  • Begin the cultural change in the way event professionals currently regard safety;
  • Instill important concepts for individuals to consider while on the job;
  • Provide a verifiable means for demonstrating safety competency; Empower individuals with the knowledge that safety is in everyone’s interest and within everyone’s personal responsibility; and
  • Educate individuals to successfully address safety concerns in the challenging circumstances presented by live event productions.